Our new custom stool made with reclaimed wood

Last night my girlfriend invited her friend Matt Cacioppo, Wood Shop Manager for Uhuru Design, to our home. Uhuru is known for using reclaimed wood to make contemporary pieces of furniture. With a sharp eye for detail, each Uhuru piece is an original piece of craftsmenship. Their most acclaimed project was reusing the wood from the Coney Island Boardwalk and converting it into beautiful furniture. These pieces were featured in the most recent ICFF show.  

Over drinks, she and Matt discussed using the extra-wide planks of old growth Cypress from her Grandma's house in Louisiana that was just demolished. These large planks were used as sheathing for the walls in the same way that we use Sheetrock today. Cypress trees don't grow large enough to make planks like this anymore. Sherry wanted to use pieces of this wood to create a custom stool for our home, partly to honor the memory of her grandmother and also to recycle this rare wood. Sherry and Matt went to work discussing the specifics while Matt's fiance', Lindsey, and I looked on.  


They discussed the different materials, adding a steel frame around the edge and incorporating a few of the square steel nails that were originally used to secure the home when it was built over 100 years ago.

In the following weeks I will give you an update to how it comes along.