Wirelessly Charge your Cellphone

The future has finally arrived. Ok maybe not "the future" but inductive charging will change the way we charge all of our wireless devices. Last year Powermat launched its first inductive mat allowing you to recharge your cellphones simply by placing it on the mat. Well just yesterday I saw the first Ad from Energizer showing casing the "Qi."


The "Qi" which looks more like an electric range from outer space is quite small and simple to use. I guess the idea is to put your devices to cook on the Qi range and watch it cook to maximum power. Check out the cool and highly disturbing video by Energizer explaining how it works.


The technology is not exactly brand new. In fact it is the same technology used in electric toothbrushes for decades. It works when the coils in the base and device become a transformer once the devices make contact. I am surprised it took other industries that much time to adapt to it. The Qi is available at all big top retailers nationwide or at Amazon.com for $67.24.

BOTTOM LINE: Add a cool gadget to your home and impress your friends when you lay your phone on it and watch it come alive.