Expressive Modern: Interiors of Amy Lau


Most recently, I was sent this letter and book, Expressive Modern: Interiors by Amy Lau as a gift from the NYC based interior designer and author herself. I am excited to share her book with everyone. Amy Lau specializes in designing high-end modern spaces for her clientele accommodating to their everyday personal or commercial needs. Her work has been featured in many places such as Elle Decor, Gotham, House Beautiful, Interior Design, and The New York Times, making note of her acclaimed modern interior design spaces. Lau's unique style calls attention to sophistication and luxury at its best. Each space is carefully considered and designed with care to detail. The designer's aesthetic captures NYC's finest luxury lifestyle.

This book is a good reference tool for idea gathering and inspiration for everyone; particularly design enthusiasts such as myself and those who share a similar taste for modern living spaces. Please do check out her interior design book where she explains more behind her vision and source of inspiration for each carefully crafted space.

Where have some of your favorite modern spaces been featured? Share with us in the comments below.