Exclusive Interview: Resource Furniture

We recently had the unique opportunity to collaborate with Resource Furniture. Mukul stumbled upon their company while reading the New York Times. They have amazing modular furniture perfect for New York homes. What intrigued me most was how modern and innovative their space saving furniture is. Check out these photos we took at their showroom which caught our eye!...Which one is your favorite?


 This cool space saving twin bed can be cleverly tucked away.


Love this dual-functional chair perfect for sitting or storing books.


Great bookshelf with a bed hidden away for aesthetic and space saving purposes!


An array of color palette selections for the modern home.

Don't forget to check out our exclusive interview with Resource Furniture below.

1) Can you tell us about the vision behind Resource Furniture?
Resource Furniture imports and distributes inspired, modern furniture from the finest and most innovative European manufacturers. Every piece pushes the limits of design and technology and will transform any space with both beauty and functionality. We try to educate our clients on the most efficient use of space whether that be in a small NYC studio apartment, vacation home or family home with young children. Smaller is smarter but the smartest and greenest strategies are to simply use your space better. And we provide the tools to do that.  

2) What makes your company unique in comparison to its competitors?
We created a market that catered to an under-served retail space at the time. We are the only ones who provide a full breadth of products that are smart, functional, aesthetically pleasing and helps you use your space better. The attention to detail in our products is also something that really sets us apart. Small functions, such as a bunk bed that tilts down and allows you to make the bed while standing on the floor as opposed to perched on a ladder, is something that our customers appreciate and that goes a long way. You can’t underestimate the value of making someone’s life easier.

Additionally, our emphasis on highly personalized customer service is unusual in a marketplace that values efficiency above all else. Ask anyone who has had to sit on a phone for 20 minutes before ever speaking to an actual person. The focus has been taken away from the customer and their experience. At Resource Furniture we focus on making our customer’s lives as efficient as possible by always being available to assist them with a product that, at times, can be very complex. Buying furniture is a very personal decision and when someone allows us to be a part of that, we take it very seriously.

3) How does Resource Furniture relate to modern luxury living?

The trend is moving towards living in smaller spaces. The “greenest” thing you can do is to live in a smaller footprint. What we provide is a modern, functional product that allows you to maintain your standard of living no matter what your situation. You don’t have to change your life because of space constraints. In that respect, this is a life-changing product.

4) What do NYC customers typically look for when they shop at Resource Furniture?
Primarily, our customers come from everywhere, though our furniture is ideal for urban settings, especially NYC. Our NYC-based clients often look for products that help maximize space in small apartments, which is most apartments in NYC. However, even in the largest Park Ave apartments there is always a inconvenient space, (for example a 7x10 maid’s room) that is hard to furnish. In circumstances like that, you have to think outside the box in order to makes the most of the space and multi-functional furniture is the best solution.

They also look for items that help with their entertaining needs. Items such as the Cubista ottoman (that opens up to seating for 5) or the Goliath table (a console that opens up a dining table that seats 12) are great looking pieces for everyday life that adapt when you have company. Our customers don’t want to have to give up any aspect of their lives. It’s the best of both worlds and often allows them to stay in a location that they love. It’s great to be able to provide that sort of service.

5) Can you share with us some home decor tips for people living in small NYC studios and one bedroom spaces?
The one thing we always try to remind people is that just because you live in a small space does not mean that you have to compromise your lifestyle. You can absolutely be comfortable, have all the things you need, and live in a beautiful space. People retreat to their homes to escape the frenzy of everyday life, especially in a big city, so avoid clutter. Assess your needs and buy smart products that will address those needs while looking good and taking up minimal space. We are experiencing a migration back to population-dense urban areas the marketplace is creating products that accommodate that kind of living.

Furniture that does double duty such as seating with additional storage help you make the most of your space while making keeping your home neat, a breeze. Good design makes a BIG impact, especially in a small space. Edit your life, chose what you really need and invest in products that will really make your space pop.

One very specific issue, especially in the case of studios, is that people often feel that they have to choose between a bed and other seating or a desk, for example. However, items such as our Swing or Cabrio really minimize the space needed for 2 of the largest domestic purchases you will make, leaving plenty of room for whatever else you may need to make you feel at home, which after all, IS the point.

6) What is your outlook on the future of modern furniture in relation to Resource Furniture?
The results to a consumer behavior study were recently published and it indicated that good design, in all areas, not just furniture, design was rapidly becoming the major deciding factor for the majority of consumers. The brands that are doing well are doing so because they have made design a priority. People are also now more informed than they have ever been and that helps them to make an educated decision. While it used to take years for an idea to take hold and become mainstream, movements are now born overnight and everyone wants to be a part of the smart furniture movement. It’s not enough to just look good, to remain relevant, furniture has to be sustainable, functional and unique. Customization and staying ahead of the curve are key. The decision-making process when making purchases is now a social experience and you must anticipate the needs of your customer. Resource Furniture is all those things and that’s what’s truly modern.

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7) What advice would you give our readers who would like to invest in space saving furniture?  
First of all it is an investment in your comfort and in your life. Think of it less as buying furniture and more as a room. For example, the cost of moving can be in the thousands, if not more, and is a major disruption to your life. In a market such a NYC, the cost of an additional room can start at $100,000 and go up from there. When you consider these factors, purchasing a well-designed piece that can allow you to take advantage of the space that you do have, is invaluable. Additionally, these are decisions that will impact your everyday life, so your design aesthetic, ease of use and quality are incredibly important. Do you entertain at home often? Is having a conveniently located work space a priority? You should not have to adapt to the furniture, it should adapt to your needs and make sense for your lifestyle. 

8) Where can we find Resource Furniture?
Our NYC Showroom is located at 969 Third Avenue (at 58th Street) however we ship all over the country (and some international locations as well including Canada) so call, 212.753.2039 or visit our website for more locations and information, www.resourcefurniture.com.