Top 5 Home Feng Shui Do's & Dont's

For many individuals who follow the Chinese Lunar Calendar the new year is just around the corner. This year, Chinese New Year falls on February 10. During ancient dynasty times, the Chinese created a system of positioning pieces in your living space in order to create positive energy flow and today that system is known as “Feng Shui”.

What is Feng Shui? Do you believe in Feng Shui?
It’s a system of beliefs which depict how the positioning of objects and furniture determine the flow of energy (aka chi), and positive or negative impacts (aka ying and yang), on your living space. 
So to start off this New Year on a positive foot, let’s go over some basic Feng Shui Do’s & Don’ts that you can utilize in your home!

Top 5 Feng Shui Do’s

1) De-clutter & Organize
Some people say Feng Shui begins with one general golden rule which is de-cluttering your space! Positive energy or chi can only be promoted through a clean environment. This will help lower the stress and tension in your life by creating a harmonious living environment for your home.

2) Fresh Air & Light
Have you ever felt like you were having a creativity-block or falling ill often? Open up those windows to allow fresh air and light into your home. For good chi, open your window for at least 20 minutes a day to allow fresh air to circulate. Rooms that are unexposed to light build up negative chi so "let there be light!"

3) Wall Colors
By nature, humans are visual creatures. Vibrant colors such as blue work well in an office space since they make an ideal space to concentrate. The color green motivates activity and change. Colors like yellow, white, and lavender reflect a soothing and refreshing atmosphere. Red is a “fire” color which evokes passion and strength. Depending on your own personal preferences and tastes, you should ultimately choose colors that appeal to you most and work for your own lifestyle. 

4) Fresh Plants & Flowers
Fresh plants & flowers help liven up your home by creating a harmonious and vivacious energy. On the contrary, wilting plants can provide the opposite affect and attract fatigue in your life. So, don’t forget to water your plants!

5) Furniture
Furniture should be placed to serve the sole function of the room. Feng shui tells us that furniture should be placed in proportion to the room. Following this simple step will help allow you and your family to enjoy the comforts of your home freely. 

Top 5 Feng Shui Dont's
1) Entryway
Don’t clutter the entryway of your home with dirty shoes or messy items. Keep this area clean so you don’t attract negative chi when entering your home.

2) Sharp objects
Put away any unused items like sharp kitchen knives in the kitchen. Besides obvious safety hazards, sharp objects like these can create a sense of unease and a feeling of attack in your living environment.

3) Pet Waste
We are definitely pet lovers here at The Modern Agent! But, if you have pets, please remember to clean up after them so you can promote quality fresh air and positive chi in your home!

4) Mirrors
Hanging mirrors in the bedroom, particularly those which face the bed, can cause unrest for your sleep. Mirrors catch every amount of energy emitted to them and fire back with force so be cautious with placing mirrors in your bedroom.

5) Plumbing
Plumbing in the home reflects your personal financial and health energy. Therefore, make sure your home plumbing hasn’t become old, broken, or awry. If that’s the case, it may be time to fix or replace it.
If you try out these tips, let us know how it goes. A little luck never hurt anyone!