The Modern Agent's Guide: Kitchen Curated

Today, convenience factors play into our everyday lives more seamlessly than ever before. For many New Yorkers, the modern day man and woman spends a bulk of their time at work. So, when there is some time to relax, the kitchen can be one of the central places utilized at home for entertaining with friends or simply preparing a nice meal for a lazy-day in.

Luxury living has never been more refined with the vast amounts of modern appliances that readily make our lives more functional and convenient. Let’s take a look at the top modern kitchen appliances you can add to your home today for that quintessential modern New York City lifestyle.

Nespresso Maestria Crema ($549.00)

Are you passionate about espresso? How about starting your day with the perfect pour? This neat machine known as Nespresso Maestria Crema perfects your everyday morning coffee routine by allowing you to prepare milk froth like a skilled barista. Soon, you’ll be making cappuccinos and lattes like a pro with this fluid system made of 19 bars pumps which features an improved steam pipe. Its sleek exterior vintage design sets this machine apart from similar ones in the market. Easy insert and ejection of coffee capsules simplify the process even more with the ability to hold 10-14 used capsules. Preheating the machine is as fast as 25 seconds so you won’t have to wait long before you can enjoy your espresso.

Founded in Switzerland 23 years ago, Nespresso aims to “create the perfect cup of Espresso coffee with exquisite crema, tantalizing aroma and full-bodied taste – just like skilled baristas”. Today, the brand is a worldwide pioneer with stores which can be found across lower Manhattan in Soho, or Midtown, and the Upper East Side.

Samsung T900 Smart Fridge (Without touchscreen, average cost is around $4000. New model unveiled at CES 2013. Currently unavailable for sale to public.)

Samsung T900 Smart Fridge Tablet Closeup

Samsung's T900 Smart Fridge touchscreen features the Evernote app.

Samsung T900 Smart Fridge
Evernote Technology allows you to create a shopping list, make post-it notes, look up recipes, and more.
Samsung T900 Smart Fridge
We live in a decade where smart phones have almost become a necessary basic “essential”. At the most recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013, Samsung introduced the T900 Smart Fridge. Samsung’s new line of smart refrigerator has a built-in tablet with internet surfing capabilities. You’ll be able to enter your grocery list at home through the Evernote App and access that same list on your phone. You’ll even be able to get coupon notifications. These features really set the tone for the future of refrigerators. Besides the Grocery Manager app, this 32 cubic ft. smart fridge can help you access your twitter feed, look up recipes on the Epicurious app, play music while cooking on the Pandora app, and more. The panel allows users to record items already in the fridge, the item’s expiration date, and it’ll remind you when an item’s sell-by-date is approaching. There is no word on when this newly unveiled smart fridge will be available for the public so we will have to wait and see.


Bertazzoni Master Series 48 6-Burner Electric Double Oven (Starting price on the web: $6619.00)

Bertazzoni Master Series 48 6-Burner Electric Double Oven


Made from excellent Italian craftsmanship, you can expect a high quality built product for individuals who enjoy cooking without the more expensive price tag of brands like Viking. Whether you live in a small or large home, Bertazzoni is an ideal choice for any contemporary kitchen. These clever and high-performance cooktops are designed for the new energy-conscious age with excellent fuel. This large range has a cooktop with six gas burners, a dual-ring power burner, high-efficiency burner with separate controlled flames, and a stainless-steel electric griddle. The main electric oven has everything from convection, baking, roasting to warming, to telescopic glide shelves. Products and packaging are 99% recyclable.


Introducing Gaggenau

"Wood, stainless steel, and a breathtaking view over Manhattan," as described on the company's website.

Gaggenau 200 Series Oven is defined by the compact LCD control module with simple access to menus, clock, and timer.

Gaggenau 200 Series Oven

Gaggenau Vario cooktop 400 series includes the combination of induction cooktops, Teppan Yaki and table ventilation.

Gaggenau is a German brand which delivers high end quality professional-grade appliances for the kitchen through 300 years of experience by blending tradition with innovation in design. Gaggenau is a leader of its class due to their uncompromising nature of developing new technologies as part of the Gaggenau tradition. Popular innovations include built-in ovens, electric ovens, pyroltic self-cleaning, the Combi-steam oven for the home chef and the full surface induction cooktop. Their mission is to have the best technical appliances out there with the most aesthetic appeal. 

Poggenpohl Kitchen (Around $85,000-$200,000)

Poggenpohl Kitchen
+ARTESIO by Poggenpohl unites form with function to create a seamlessly cohesive livable space.

Poggenpohl Kitchen

P'7340 Porsche Design from Poggenpohl integrates luxury design into the kitchen derived from the most innovative and high quality materials.

Poggenpohl Kitchens display exceptionally well-executed innovative design with their thin worktops, handle-less surfaces, and refined style. Poggenpohl appliances fight wear and tear with its custom manufacturing process which combines traditional craftsmanship from the 1930’s through their ten-layer polished lacquer technique which gives its long-lasting finish with the precision of modern technology. You can be ensured that Poggenpohl furniture exemplifies the highest standard craftsmanship with proven durability. Drawer boxes are known for their ability to carry heavy weight while unique hidden runners are used for a smoother movement designed to last a lifetime. Residencies such as The Cammeyer, located at 650 Sixth Ave, are just one of many New York City luxury apartments which feature Poggenpohl design.

We love modern design and innovative thinking as much as the next person. New York Design Week is being held from May 10 - May 21, 2013. Celebrate this citywide design celebration on all levels of talented design (industrial, furniture, fashion, graphic, film, etc). Check out local exhibitions, shows, and events going on in your community today. For more information, head to

Evernote Technology allows you to create a shopping list, make post-it notes, look up recipes, and more.