Recap: 5/21 The Modern Agent Home Buying Bootcamp

The Modern Agent team would like to thank everyone for participating in our first, Home Buying Bootcamp Event! The evening's turnout was largely successful due to everyone's support and participation in the event. We hoped you thoroughly enjoyed the evening and gained key pointers on how you can optimize your home search process! If you have any recommendations for what you would like to see in future events or need help getting started on your property search, please feel free to contact Mukul.

The Modern Agent Home Buying Bootcamp Flyer on display!

The busy streets of downtown Manhattan in front of Bo Concept store.
Mukul Lalchandani speaking about how the home buying process works in Manhattan.
Light refreshments of the evening included pizza, cupcakes, water, and wine.
Photograph of the cupcakes served that evening. What a sweet treat, right?

A big thank you to Bo Concept, TD Bank, and Chu Law Firm for collaborating with us and sponsoring the evening's light refreshments and gift bag items! If you would like to get in touch with any of the presentation speakers, please mention The Modern Agent Home Buying Bootcamp:
For a home furnishing consultation, please speak with Bo Concept Owner:
Phone (212)-966-8188

For mortgage and financing consultation, please speak with TD Bank Product Relationship Manager & Representative: //
TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank

For any law-related questions, please contact Chu Law Firm
Phone (718) 939-7600
Fax (718) 939-4954

Please stay tuned for more future events!