The Real Estate Machine Continues: Fall 2013, Is It Time to Sell?

Are you ready to take the necessary steps required to placing your home on the market? When is the right time to sell your home in order to attract the ideal homebuyer who is willing to pay top dollar? Is it best to work through the real estate process on your own or with a real estate agent?

Selling a home is a daunting task for sure. We’ve put together a few steps you should consider to help determine if it is the right time for you to sell your home.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Are homes like mine selling quickly in my building and in my neighborhood? Chances are, if they are selling quickly yours would too, and if the price is right, you will probably get a good deal for yours as well. Make sure to compare apples to apples when searching for comparables, such as same size, similar amenities, views and floor level. If you compare to a home that’s not similar to your own, it may mislead you as to how well your home would sell.
  1. How well does my home show? You must be objective. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. If you walked into someone else's home, what do you want to see? And, what don't you want to see? Remove the clutter, present it well, and show the main features of the home in their best light. Most importantly, keep it clean!
  1. Why do I want to sell? Do you want to move into a larger or smaller place? Remember that once you sell, you will need a new home. Can you afford to buy a new home that will fit your needs? If so, then selling makes sense. If you cannot, then holding onto it may make the most sense as prices continue to rise in the city. If prices are too high, you may consider leasing out your home and renting a new place for yourself. You will still get to enjoy the financial appreciation of your home while offsetting the rental costs of the new place.
  1. Should I hire an agent? It is one thing to have a home that you can sell, but simply "putting it on the market" will do very little to getting it in front of as many of the right buyers for the highest price. Shop around for the best agent who will work hard to get your home shown in the best light. Ask potential candidates questions such as: Have you sold anything in the building before, or in another similar building? See the quality of their marketing, photos, emails etc. Speak to their past clients. You want them to be busy, but not too busy that they don't have time to work on your property thoroughly.

Still not sure what your next move should be? You may want to get unbiased information on what your home is worth, or what your options could be.

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