Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Every Budget

Halloween has come and gone and Autumn is in full swing, so that means the holiday season is officially here and with it comes the task that so many of us dread: deciding what to buy for everyone on your list. If it’s not the pressure of gifts arriving on time, it’s the cost or even the sheer volume of choices available that makes this time of year stressful for so many. Fortunately, The Modern Agent is here to help you alleviate some of that stress with a list of the top 5 smart home gifts for the holidays. Read on to find the newest and best electronics for everyone on your gift list.

Roku Streaming Stick
Roku Streaming Stick - - $49.99

The Roku Streaming Stick gives access to more than 500,000 movies and TV episodes across both free and paid channels. All you need is a wireless connection and it’s ready to go. The Stick is portable so it will work on any device with an HDMI connection, in any room within reach of a wireless signal. Another cool feature is its voice remote, which allows users to control channels and volume, even when they’ve lost the remote.

Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot  - - $129.99
The Echo Spot works with the Amazon Alexa voice recognition service to perform hands-free online tasks. The greatest difference between the Echo Spot and the Echo Dot is that the Spot has a screen, allowing users to request video clips, share video calls, and browse the internet without a single touch. The Echo Spot can be placed anywhere in the house, just like the Dot, plus it connects to all other Echo devices. With built-in Bluetooth capability and speakers it’s possible to stream music, control home devices like smart thermostats, garage doors, baby or security monitors, and more. The Echo Spot comes in black or white and will be released to Amazon shoppers on December 19, 2017 - preorder yours now.

Sony PS4 with Playstation VR - - $299.00
Got a gamer in your life? Thrill them with the latest PS4 equipped with virtual reality technology for the most realistic gameplay they’ll ever experience. The VR headset includes a 5.7-inch panel, 100-degree vision field, and 3D audio processing. If gaming with friends is a priority, the social screen feature allows playing with others across the world. For maximum convenience, the VR headset is compatible with HDMI, AUX, and even Stereo headphone jacks.

Samsung Frame TV

Samsung The Frame Series TV - - $1,299.00
Samsung’s new Frame Series TVs are framed as works of art, rather than an unsightly intrusion on modern interiors. Each 65-, 55- or 43-inch 4K television is completely customizable to exhibit framed and matted artwork instead of a soulless, boxy screen. The TV comes with 100 curated art pieces, and photo and art layout options that turn your TV into an actual work of art. Samsung offers several frame choices as well.  You can even upload your own pictures and subscribe to a library of artists’ works, making The Frame Series completely customizable to your home’s decor. A motion sensor detects when people are in the room and turns on the display automatically.

Shark Ion 750 Robot Vacuum

Shark Ion Robot 750 Robot Vacuum - - $349
Few people enjoy vacuuming their New York City apartment, but luckily modern technology has a solution to that problem. The Shark Ion Robot 750 robot vacuum uses laser technology to navigate from the corners and edges of a room to the entirety of the floor in organized columns and rows, sensing and avoiding anything in its way. The Shark Ion Robot 750 robot vacuum’s coolest feature is that it connects to Wi-Fi in the home so it can be controlled by a smartphone app. So not only can you get that floor cleaned up for spur-of-the-moment guests, you can also instruct it to spot-clean messes. Best of all, it works on hardwood and flat surfaces as well as on carpet.

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