Doing Good

Home construction is one of the largest polluters in modern society. Inefficient construction practices have created a substantial waste in material and a high degree of carbon pollutants. The processing of raw materials into usable material which then has to be transported long distances to the construction site is also damaging to our planet. The Modern Agent is committed to being a global citizen in the fight against global warming and at a minimum have a carbon neutral footprint. This goes to the very core of who and what The Modern Agent stands for. Since 2016, we have proudly aligned ourselves with Rainforest Trust, a respected conservation group that is a top Charity Navigator organization that allocates 100% of their donations towards saving the rainforest, endangered species, and their eco-systems. Since their inception, they have continued to manage over 20 million acres of rainforest.

As our client, every successfully closed transaction helps us with this cause. A portion of our profits goes towards these conservation efforts. Since 2017, The Modern Agent has helped to save over 10,000 acres of rainforest. Join us to help save the planet one acre at a time. To learn more about Rainforest Trust, or how you can participate, begin a conversation with us.




As of 2019, The Modern Agent is committed to

      • Promote LEED Certified Homes
      • Recycle Offce Supplies
      • Educate Eco-Living
      • Renewable Energy
      • Reduce Printing

Join us in our cause to save the planet.


With your support, we can get closer to a greener planet. Connect with The Modern Agent.