Getting personal with Mukul Lalchandani – Pt. 2


Welcome Back!
In Part 1 of our interview with The Modern Agent, we discovered what makes him the right choice for clients looking for an agent with vision and experience. In Part 2, he explains what drives and inspires him.

Where do you get inspiration?
I used to run a fashion accessories company, and working in the fashion industry, I developed a love for colors, lines, and creativity. My inspiration comes from many trends in fashion/advertising/design, but I am also a huge tech nerd, and I’m into advances in space and the future. I combine it all together and spit out my creative ideas; for example, a few years ago, I worked with the “industrial” look that was very popular, and now I’m seeing a lot more tropical greens, and like to work those into my home setups.

What drives you?
I run my business like a business; in the business world, it is all about demand and supply. For me, it’s about how to connect the two, and then streamline the process. I love to learn and enact concepts that are my own and see the results of it. For example, I catalog my processes with every client to build a comprehensive system for when prospective buyers and sellers have similar questions, thereby making the experience more streamlined and efficient. My long-term goal is to be different from all the other agents, and having a brand that is recognized and known for design and quality.

If you weren’t in New York, where would you like to be?
Either a smaller city in the U.S., like Denver or Portland, or Hawaii or somewhere in Asia; maybe Shanghai. Anywhere warmer!

What do you think is shaping the current real estate market? Is it more of a buyer’s market, or a seller’s market right now? What are some trends you’re seeing?
NYC is a micro-market and does not follow nationwide trends. Although nationally, the market is still strong, NYC’s market has softened a bit. At the higher-priced end of the market, it is definitely a buyer’s market, while some overpriced units on the lower end have a lot of flexibility in pricing, since owners are more willing to negotiate. As a buyer, it is definitely the time to get in now.

The city has transformed so much. With crime at an all-time low, and so many international buyers in the marketplace, it truly has become an international, cosmopolitan city like it has never been before. I love meeting different people from around the world each and every day. It really gives me a sense of how vast this world is.

Are there any new residences you’re especially excited about?
My favorite developer is DDG. They have a brand new building in pre-development at 180 East 88th Street that is by far the most unique piece of property. It has such a medieval style, but with a modern sensibility. They’ve paid a lot of attention to details, which I love. For example, they lay wood flooring in contrasting directions to signify transitioning to a new room, rather than putting up additional walls. That is a space-saving technique in tight-quartered NYC apartments, and it shows a lot of thoughtfulness in planning.

Why should a potential buyer choose you? What can you offer that others can’t?
The most important reason is that I respond quickly with the information that a buyer is looking for. When buying a property, there are a lot of things to consider: the cost, is it the right place, what are the steps to buying. There are a lot of questions, and I am there for the buyer each and every step of the way as their advocate. I will be honest, and if there are things about the property that are concerning, I will tell you. I always advise clients about the pros and cons of their decision, but I will ultimately support whatever they want. However, if I see a lot of red flags, like poor construction, awkward layouts, or high monthly carrying costs, I let my client know immediately, so they can make the most informed decision.

You will realize that I am your advocate in this crazy market, and I can help show you the way clearly. I never pressure a buyer, but will only help you to make your own informed decisions. I want my clients to be 100 percent happy with what they buy.