How you Can Live a Healthy Life in NYC Right Now

How you Can Live a Healthy Life in NYC Right Now

How to Live a Sustainable, Healthy Life in New York City

While dense urban environments like New York City may seem disconnected from nature and a sustainable way of life, there are many ways to be green in NYC without sacrificing what makes the city so special.

From the abundance of eco-friendly restaurant options, to mass transit options that reduce emissions, to plentiful parks that provide space to recharge, New York has many elements that make it possible for you and your family to live well in a sustainable way.

One way to start a healthier, more eco-friendly life is to choose a home that incorporates sustainability and wellness throughout. Doing so gives you a strong foundation from which you can then enjoy the many amazing qualities and attractions of New York that make it such a great place for people from all walks and stages of life.

Green Buildings Provide an Environment for Wellness

New York City apartments are increasingly going green in a way that enables healthy living for more New Yorkers. While the definition of green buildings can vary, in general, these are complexes that incorporate eco-friendly features ranging from the use of sustainable building materials to having efficient heating and cooling systems. As a result, these buildings reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants that affect air quality and cause climate change, which ultimately threatens the viability of living in coastal cities like New York.

In addition, many green buildings have healthy, environmentally friendly attributes such as non-toxic paint that inhibits mold, lush gardens that clean the air and contribute to mental wellness, water filtration systems that provide clean water, and large energy-efficient windows that provide ample sunshine.

These types of features go a long way toward helping you and your family feel your best physically and mentally, which often makes it easier to adopt more sustainable, wellness-inspired actions. By feeling good at home, for example, you may be more inspired to cook healthy and environmentally-friendly meals, drink from reusable water bottles filled from the tap, and have the energy to walk around New York more.

How to Find Green Buildings in New York

New York City is a leader in green building development, both in terms of new construction and retrofitting existing ones to be more environmentally friendly. The city has an initiative, for example, to reduce building-based emissions by 30% by 2025, and so far 22 residential property management companies that comprise 8% of the city’s residential square footage have signed on.

To find ones that already have taken steps to be green, look for buildings that have received sustainability designations, such as those from LEED®. The LEED® certification program from the U.S. Green Building Council provides an independent assessment of a building’s sustainability, with four levels starting from LEED® Certified up to LEED® Platinum. Overall, New York has over 2,000 LEED® certifications and registrations across all types of buildings, according to the Green Building Information Gateway.

The Visionaire Sets the Platinum Standard

While there are a number of green buildings in NYC, there’s a more limited number of sustainable apartment complexes. However, one apartment building that stands out for combining sustainability with luxury is The Visionaire in Battery Park City, the first LEED® Platinum condo building on the entire East Coast.

As a LEED® Platinum building, The Visionaire has a plethora of impressive eco-friendly features that help families live healthy lives, including a high-efficiency air filtration system and centralized water filtration system that provide clean air and water in each home and throughout the building. The complex also includes eco-friendly amenities such as a state-of-the-art rooftop garden and a children’s playroom built from sustainable materials such as recycled tire rubber.

Even the design of The Visionaire’s curved exterior is purposefully constructed to allow for more efficient heating and cooling and to maximize the amount of natural light that flows into residences, which reduces the need to always have lights on and provides for a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere. The Visionaire also has tremendous views and close proximity to New York’s waterways, which can help you feel more connected to nature within the urban jungle.

The Modern Agent Understands Sustainability

If you’re looking for a home that inspires wellness and sustainable living, The Modern Agent is the agent for you, as we incorporate these values in our own practice. Led by Mukul “Micky” Lalchandani, who has completed LEED® accreditation classes, The Modern Agent is an expert on green homes like those at The Visionaire.

Our goal is to be carbon-neutral at a minimum and place more families into sustainable homes, as residential real estate can otherwise be one of the greatest contributors to climate change, such as with the waste and pollution that tends to come from construction. Fortunately, that tide is turning.

Learn more about how The Visionaire helps New Yorkers live healthy, eco-friendly lives, and if you’re ready to start living green, get in touch with The Modern Agent today.

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