Kim Depole from Depole Design

Kim Depole from Depole Design

Interior Designer and Wonderer of the Universe

In the inaugural release our Designer series, we had a chance to meet with the talented and highly successful interior designer, Kim Depole of Depole Design to ask her some pointed questions about her craft. Micky first met her many years ago when they learned that they both shared the love of modern interior design. He first saw her work at the Platinum condominium located at 246 West 47th Street, where she staged the model units for the developer. Today, they meet every so often to discuss art, politics and everything in between. 

Here we go

1, Who are you?
Who am I is a great question but I prefer to answer, who do I strive to be… First and foremost a person that is fully engaged in the process of CREATIVITY and the wonder of the universe. I strive to be impeccable with my word and my intention at all times. Work, Life, and Art are all one and the same to me. My mantra is how you do anything is how you do everything. I am seeking joy and creating it for others through the expression of beauty in all its forms and manifestations.

2, What is your craft?
My craft as an interior designer has always been informed by ART making and art viewing. When I compose a space I start with a color, texture, object or simply the quality of light within a space. Foremost to the design, is the integration of the logic of how space functions and supports specific needs. It is always a fine line to walk to address the aspects of practicality and add a touch of whimsy. The intrinsic quality of a SENSE OF CALM is what I always seek to articulate with all the work I create.


Times Square Residence

3, What are you working on these days?
I have a wonderful new client that is a Doctor with fabulous pink hair from LA. How to create a new life in NYC for her, complete with a baby grand piano is what I simply adore. She will return to NYC the day she moves into the apartment. We had one full weekend of showroom visits and tush tests of the furniture. All she needs to do is turn the key and enjoy her favorite drink chilling in the fridge. It gives me such a sense of joy to provide all the parts of a home with special attention to what the client prefers. So many designers design for themselves and not for their clients. It is a bit like being a whisperer, the process is one of DEEP LISTENING.

4, Is your personal style similar to your craft?
My personal style has always been informed by travel and diverse cultures. In my craft, I am a complete modernist. I would be in absolute denial to state that I am a minimalist. I have far too many eyeglasses, books, bracelets and tons of scarves from all over the world.

5, What inspires you?
Inspiration is found in so many unexpected places and combinations. When I lived in Japan it was the single most influential experience of my life in terms of design. It was a study in finding the essence of things. This is something I continue to seek. I spend all of my free time in museums and galleries. My two favorite places to be are the Rubin Museum and Visionary Museum in Baltimore. My secret place to find inspiration is on 4 Cortlandt Alley – The Mmuseumm.


6, Favorite color right now?
Favorite color is Benjamin Moore black bean soup… It reads completely differently with each form of light. It has a bronze tone or warm metal patina and it tastes delicious when you order it a La Palapa on St Marks.


Benjamin Moore Black Bean Soup Color

7, Right or left brain?
A combination of both but needless to say heavy weighted on the right side which I always find confusing as the design is about going left not right. Clearly I am right.

8, Uptown or downtown?
Allow me to sing this one… The lights are much brighter there You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares, So go downtown, Things’ll be great when your DOWNTOWN… no finer place for sure…

9, What does your home look like now?
My home looks like the Marai or rather I pretend to live in Paris but I actually live in the east village. My apartment is over 100 years old with lots of molding. So I am a modernist living in a white space with tons of books and french furniture. I have a seriously fake zebra rug, it is printed on vinyl with the traditional felt border. 

10, What home trends are you looking forward to and which do you wish would disappear already?

Home trends,  I look forward to not being overpowered with Home Trends. It is all about finding what brings you joy on a personal intimate level and not what is simply in style THE MOMENT IN TIME complex is what I call it. When it has passed you know it and want to toss it and replace it with something new and trendy. I know I did my job well when I enter an old project and it still looks relevant and fresh. TIMELESS design … there is a word you never hear with all these moments in time trends. 

11, What is the craziest thing a client has ever asked you to do?
KIM ” PLEASE do not touch the master bathroom, keep the black bathroom intact with all the black fixtures so I can pretend to be James Bond and renovate everything else in the apartment. Oh, and YES the red drop in jacuzzi stays as well. We can just buy some red towels. ” 

12, Impress us, anything most people would not know about you?
I was on the OPRAH show twice. She flew me to Chicago with my painter and my assistant. It was four days of running around town redesigning two apartments and on the last day filming at HARPO studios.  AMAZING EXPERIENCE.

13, And lastly, what are you sipping on these days?
Zebra champagne created by my friend Kein Cross. The outside of the bottle is black and white a classic. You look quite chic while sipping these very petite bubbles. I keep a bottle in the fridge ready to toast at any moment of celebration. 

Connect with her

Name: Kim Depole
Firm: Depole Design
Title: Creative Designer

Open House Vibes
We asked Kim to share a playlist that inspires her craft. After much fanfare, Kim gave us her nephew, the international Dj Depolo’s playlist. Enjoy these tunes to set you in the mood while previewing homes this weekend.

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