Rental Application Instructions  

Thank you for your interest in one of our exclusives. Scroll down to find the fees associated with the condominium you want to apply to.

Please read these instructions in their entirety to avoid any confusion and avoid any delays.

In order to move forward with a unit, there is a two-step approval process. The first is the approval of the condo unit owner. Upon acceptance, you will then proceed to Step 2. The Board Package Application.

Thank you,

Jessica Abaian

[email protected]


Mukul Lalchandani

[email protected]


Step 1. Completion of the Rental Application 
(Approval by Landlord)

Fill out all the areas in their entirety and upload them on the secured server for processing. The application fee is $20 per applicant. Along with this, supply the following supporting documents:

  1. Download, complete, and sign the rental application (Download App)
  2. Last two years' tax returns
  3. Employment letter
  4. Landlord reference letter
  5. Last three most recent bank statements
  6. Last two most recent pay stubs
  7. Photo ID
  8. Submit all documents to our secure Dropbox link below

Secure Dropbox Folder

Upload Now

Step 2. Board Package Completion 
(Only after Owner Approval)

You will be provided with the board package upon approval from the owner. At that time, you will need to provide additional documents, such as letters of reference. 

Please see the associated building fees for the building you are interested in below.

The first month's rent and security deposit in the amount of one month's rent is due at the time of lease signing.

The board approval process can take some time for approval, so keep that in mind when considering the start date of the lease. For more information on the approval timeframe, please ask us. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you. 

303 E. 33rd Street: Building Fees

Board Package Fees (Subject to Change without Notice):

- Condo Lease Application Processing Fee: $1,500.00

- Business Credit Report Fee (if applicable): $115.00    

- Consumer Credit Report Fee: $50.00 per applicant

- Digital Submission Fee: $55.00

- Management Administration Fee (non-refundable): $600.00

- Move-in Fee: $1,000.00

- Move-in Deposit (refundable): $1,000.00

Visionaire: Building Fees

Board Package Fees (Subject to Change without Notice):

- Consumer Credit Report Fee (non-refundable, required): $70 per applicant

- Non-refundable Move-in Fee: $500.00

- Non-refundable Move-out Fee: $500.00

- Non-refundable Processing Fee: $750.00

- Digital Submission Fee: $45.00

959 First Avenue: Building Fees

Board Package Fees (Subject to Change without Notice):

- Application Fee: $200.00

- Credit Report Fee (Non-Refundable): $100.00 per adult occupant

- Move-in deposit (Refundable): $1500.00

- Move-in Fee (Non-Refundable): $1500.00

- Digital Submission Fee (non-refundable): $55.00

236 E. 47th Street: Building Fees

Board Package Fees (Subject to Change without Notice):

- Credit Check Fee (non-refundable, required): $75 per applicant

- Move-in Fee (non-refundable): $350.00

- Damage Deposit: $500.00

- Package Processing Fee: $300.00

- Administrative Fee (non-refundable): $100.00

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