Saving the planet one acre at a time

Saving the planet one acre at a time

“The Modern Agent is proud to be associated with Rainforest Trust. With your support in 2017, we were able to help save 5,000 acres of rainforest.”

The Modern Agent is proud to be associated with Rainforest Trust. With your support in 2017, we were able to help save 5,000 acres of rainforest.

By contributing a portion of every property sale to Rainforest Trust, The Modern Agent is making a direct impact on preserving and sustaining rainforests and endangered species.

The Rainforest Trust was founded in 1988 with the goal to protect and conserve wildlife and tropical forests worldwide. By working with community organizations and local resources, the Rainforest Trust has developed more than 100 projects and protected more than 18 million acres of tropical forests from damage, deforestation, and destruction. Adapting to each region’s ecosystem, the Trust identifies sites that serve as protective habitats for endangered species and develops conservation plans that are sustainable and feasible for governments to follow.

With funds raised through donations and sponsorships like The Modern Agent’s, the Trust protects areas through direct land purchases, for example, a 900-acre reserve in South Africa to protect the Geometric Tortoise. In addition, Rainforest Trust designates national parks, such as the 2.2 million-acre Lomami National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the first one declared there in 40 years, to help protect Bonobos and Okapis. Yet another contribution of the Trust is creating community conservation areas, such as 20 nature reserves in Colombia for critically endangered mammals, birds, and amphibians. All of the protected areas created also helped to generate economic and employment opportunities for the people of each region.

The Modern Agent’s sponsorship is a continuation of the company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility. With a goal to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, The Modern Agent specializes in offering LEED-certified properties, which are eco-friendly, consume less energy, and use recycled and sustainable materials in construction. Additionally, The Modern Agent makes an effort to recycle and use recyclable materials where possible, and the majority of the company’s daily energy consumption is harnessed through wind and solar power. Although there is much work to do to combat the destruction of natural resources, The Modern Agent knows that with our clients’ support, we can make a difference.

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