Selling a home can be frustrating, especially when it doesn’t sell as quickly as anticipated. When a property isn’t selling as quickly as it should, it might be time to bring in experts for staging. Staging a home is defined as making a property appear lived-in to entice buyers to purchase the property, with a goal to make a potential buyer feel like the home could be theirs. That’s exactly what The Modern Agent did for a one-bedroom on East 33rd St. in Murray Hill.

Before: Original Rental Listing

The apartment had been a rental for six years, and the property owner wanted a quick-sell to reduce the costs associated with maintaining the property, such as maintenance and mortgage payments while it was vacant. With a plan in place to list the home within two weeks, The Modern Agent went to work. The first step was to identify with the current owner who the target buyer would be; in this case, that could be someone looking for a starter home, or an investor who wanted it as a rental. Then, with a modest budget, staging began.

Original Pinterest Inspiration Boards

The goal of the redesign was to convey a fun, yet luxurious, atmosphere. The chosen color palette was gray and soft pink, so the walls were given a fresh coat of paint, the hardwood floors were professionally cleaned, and the decor and furnishings were updated. Books about art, travel, and architecture were scattered about the apartment, as well as colorful lemons and a cookbook on the kitchen counter. The views from the floor-to-ceiling windows were kept clear of furniture, and a closet that had been converted to a home office was kept intact, to demonstrate the functionality of the space. Finally, a small bar was set up in the corner of the living room, complete with champagne and glasses to welcome the new owners and congratulate them on their purchase.

Architectural Photography – Highlighting the Breadth and Size of Space

The next step in the process was to hire a professional architecture photographer to capture the best aspects of the apartment and enhance its best features for the market. Employing CAD software, the unit’s floor plan was redesigned to optimize its space and openness, highlighting its floor-to-ceiling windows and ample natural light.

Before and After Floor Plan Redraw

Once the apartment was updated and modernized, it was time to put it on the market. The Modern Agent listed it on a Wednesday but held off buyers until a first open house on the following Sunday. That strategy paid off; during the following week, a first offer was made. Shortly after that, three more potential buyers threw their hats into the ring. Before the seller knew it, a bidding war was on. Although there was one bid over the asking price, in the end, the seller accepted a cash offer for the asking price and a 30-day closing.

After the contract was signed and the walk-throughs were done, The Modern Agent stuck around to ensure that everything was done to the satisfaction of the client’s needs, including attending the closing in the owner’s absence to make sure everything checked out okay. They even did a post- follow-up with the client after the sale.

If your home has been sitting on the market for a while or is not generating the traffic necessary to sell it, consider staging options. A professional agent can hire a stager to assist with the work, do it in-house, like The Modern Agent. Although there is a small cost, the benefits – selling your house quickly and at the price you desire – outweigh it.