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Modern living is our specialty. We are pioneers, minimalists and explorers. We are more than experts, we eat, sleep and breathe it. This is why we curate our offerings to only include the finest selections of modern residences. By partnering with Level, a NYC brokerage, we are able to pair the core values of The Modern Agent with a respected leader of real estate and beyond.

Specializing in contemporary homes and new developments

With a focus on new luxury developments, our clients are able to secure properties with positive investment capacity, including features such as tax abatement, low monthly carrying costs and a propensity to exceed the appreciation of other classes of residences.

As our client, in addition to gaining our commitment to the success of your future property and investments, you also get exposure to a global market of buyers and sellers, increasing the visibility worldwide.

The Modern Agent Summer 2018 Campaign

Mukul Lalchandani

Modern Homes Specialist

As a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, an award-winning marketer and seasoned negotiator with over ten years and $100 million in sales in the real estate industry, Mukul specializes in helping homeowners achieve top dollar by offering the most comprehensive marketing and sales plans in the industry whether you are selling a small condo or a multi-million-dollar luxury home.

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Giving Back

Rainforest Trust

In today’s world, global warming and population growth is putting stresses on our resources. Each year, we give a portion of our sales to organizations committed to efforts in animal and environmental conservation. Thanks to our clients, we are able to make the effort count.

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Pairing the industry’s top technology with unsurpassed local expertise, we deliver the smartest, most sophisticated real estate experience in New York city.